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About Coach Tanner Maurice

Coach Tanner Maurice has been an active duty Police Officer in the Province of Saskatchewan since 2008.  Through his training Tanner was first introduced to the SPEAR system.  A passion for keeping people safe led Tanner to further his career by becoming a multifaceted instructor certified through the Saskatchewan Police College.  As a Self Defence Instructor since 2013, a Taser Instructor since 2013, and a Firearms Instructor since 2015 Tanner has logged numerous hours coaching and helping his students, other officers, sharpen their skills which keeps the public safer. 


It wasn't until Tanner sought further training that his desire to make people safer and more confident was fully realized.  In April, 2014 Tanner attended a week long law enforcement SPEAR Instructor certification course in Buffalo, NY.  That same year in August he attended the SPEAR Coaches Symposium in Las Vegas, NV.  This annual gathering of Coaches is held to facilitate greater understanding of the SPEAR system material and increase instructorial capabilities.  In 2015 Tanner attended the Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Instructor course - the civilian branch of the SPEAR system. Also that year Tanner once again attended the annual SPEAR Coaches Symposium.  In 2016 Tanner attended the SPEAR applications for Control & Arrest course in Minnesota.  In 2017 it was back to Las Vegas for more training.


Realizing that in many situations people are forced to become their own first responders, their own body guards, Tanner is now certified through Blauer Tactical Systems to teach civilians SPEAR through his PDR certification.  As a PDR coach Tanner joins a global network of coaches who enhance their communities ability to keep safe!  Tanner is excited to show you how to live prepared - not scared.         

About BTS SPEAR System

Founded by Tony Blauer in Montreal, QC, Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) is now based out of California.  BTS has been responsible for teaching elite military units to law enforcement officers to avid gym goers to stay at home parents.  The genesis for the SPEAR (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response) system came when Tony Blauer, an accomplished martial artist, realized that no matter how well trained a person may be they will still experience a startle flinch response when suddenly attacked.  This led to research related to human physiology, biology, psychology, and neurology.  It became apparent that self defence is much more than learning a collection of moves.  


The SPEAR system is not about style or techniques like traditional martial arts or self defence classes.  Rather the SPEAR system focuses on learning how the body and mind are already hard wired to deal with threats, how stimulus introduced too quickly and compounded with physiological fear will trigger responses that have been engrained in humans over thousands of years.  In other words, these reflexes or "short cuts" if you will, will always bypass muscle memory or learned skills no matter how many repetitions you have done.  The SPEAR system is the only true three dimensional self protection system; addressing the physical, psychological, and emotional components of being attacked.  Converting this ubiquitous response to something combative is the essence of the SPEAR system.  


Tony Blauer asks "what does the body want to do prior to any training?  Does that have combative or protective qualities and if so why aren't you using that?"  


Coach Blauer often describes the SPEAR system as a bridge to your next move!  The SPEAR system addresses the first few seconds of an attack, of an ambush, of a rape or abduction attempt and bridges the gap to allow you to access your prior training or simply escape and survive.  The SPEAR system re-enforces natural movements that are combative in nature.  This physiology is what unites us all regardless of your training, your job, your physical size, gender, race, etc.  


To learn more about Tony Blauer and the SPEAR system visit the official page  

All quotes, maxims, and training material are credited to Blauer Tactical Systems.  This is not Saskatchewn Police College material.

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