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The SPEAR System is a behaviourally researched, close quarter personal defence method that utilizies the body's natural flinches and reactions to fear and violence and then converts these reactions into effecient tactical choices.  Because the system is "Genetically wired and Behaviourally inspired", anybody can learn it and everybody can do it.

"The central nervous system of any self protection program should be the body's own central nervous system"

-Coach Blauer

- Fear Management

- Awareness

- 80,000 year old DNA hardwired survival system       TM Blauer Tactical Systems

As a certified Personal Defence Readiness coach teaching the SPEAR system developed by Blauer Tactical Systems (BTS) I join almost 200 other coaches globally.  My goal is to make you safer so you can live prepared not scared.  Click the SPEAR logos and watch the videos for more information.  Contact us today

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